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Garrett Wang 

Born in Riverside, California to Chinese immigrant parents, Garrett Wang (pronounced Wong) spent his formative years on the move, living in Indiana, Bermuda, and Tennessee.  He moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, where Garrett garnered critical acclaim as the lead in Chay Yew's controversial play, "Porcelain."

For five years, Garrett focused on theater and attempted to convince his Asian parents that acting was a viable profession as opposed to becoming a Doctor as he had originally planned since the eighth grade. With his parents finally on his side, he signed with his first talent agent in 1993. Within a year he landed his first speaking role, guest starring on the first episode of the ABC sitcom "All American Girl" starring comedienne Margaret Cho.  Three months later, Wang was cast in the role of Harry Kim on "Star Trek Voyager". In addition to being a series regular, Garrett was dubbed the Forever Ensign, hence the website name. 

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